Monday, June 8, 2009

He Got It

Just to follow up, Andrew did get the job at Barnes and Noble. He starts training on Wednesday. This would be a perfect job, if only he liked to read!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Job Interviews

Andrew has had several job interviews since he has been home. Three of them have been at Barnes and Noble. Tomorrow he will have a fourth. Still waiting to see if all those haircuts were worth it. Really...four interviews for one job?! Well, I guess he did get four haircuts for said job. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Fifty Dollar Hair Style

Andrew arrived home last week, with hair long enough for a pony tail. Now, I have always loved Andrew's hair, even in a pony tail. He's got great hair! But he was preparing for job interviews and decided he should probably spiffy up a bit. (I'm not really sure he used the word "spiffy", but that's what he meant) So I took him to the mall, to The Salon. The gentleman that cut his hair respected his request to "just cut some off the back, and shape up the front". When he was finished, that is exactly what he got. A couple days later Andrew thought he should probably go a little shorter so he asked "Mom, where are your hair cutting tools?" I asked if he was planning on cutting his own hair, which he has done before, but we did just pay $$$ for his mall cut. I said "You know, you could probably go back to that guy and ask him to take off some more length." Andrew answered with a "Maybe I already did!" Yes, he had gone back later that same day he got it cut, and asked for the stylist to take more length off. I hadn't even noticed. So we found my hair scissors, and Andrew and Emily went to town on his hair. It wasn't bad, really, just a bit shaggy, but it wasn't bad. But with two job interviews impending, Andrew thought he really should have a good cut. So he went to a walk-in hair cuttery, and paid more $$$ to finally get the look he wanted. And I must say, it does look nice. After all that, it should!