Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day Ala Keena

Mother's Day was a great Sunday. After church, I came home to an elaborately decorated back yard, complete with personalized graffiti on the back fence.

Staying true to Keena tradition, the table was set with a bucket of chicken from the Colonel!

After a finger-lickin'-good lunch, there were presents to open.
Emily did a fine job picking out this red crock-pot for me.
David, however, seems to think that I need to use it absolutely every day.
I think I need to find that Crock Pot Lady!

This was my reaction after opening "the gift" from everyone.
It was a Spa Package, complete with massage, facial, manicure and pedicure!

David made me a delicious chocolate cake, and Emily and Grace decorated
it befittingly with a giant Oreo "M".

My favorite part of the day was reading the notes Jim had gathered
from each of the kids, and even my son-in-laws joined in. I would post a picture of me all teary-eyed, and I do have one, it's just lop-sided! It meant so much that everyone took
time to really thank me for being their mom!
Or maybe they said I was a great mom.
I'm not sure which.
But it was nice!

Friday, May 8, 2009

This Is Where I Live

This morning has been filled with unusualaties. Just thought I'd share a few, and none of them has to do with this unusual photo I've found on my computer!

* Woke up this morning to neighbors chatting and smoking on their back porch at 6:00am.
* While fixing breakfast at 7:00am, noticed said neighbors drinking beer on said back porch.
* I'm sure today is May 8th, but it is snowing again!
* On the front page of our newspaper this morning, there is a story & photo of Hee-Haw B-Ball.
* There is also an ad for "Motherin Up, A Gathering of Cowboy Poet and Pickers".
* The Police Report included "An elderly man said a stranger was passed out on his couch in his home. Police removed the intoxicated man and gave him a warning and a ride to a hotel.

I'm pretty sure there is nothing normal about any of this. But then, I've heard it said, that NORMAL is just a setting on your dryer.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cathching Up

Sorry for the lack of blogactivity. I've really been too scattered for blogactivity. Too scattered, and dare I say it, too busy for blogactivity. I do have some nice photos on my camera that I will eventually upload and share. But tonight I'm only trying to figure out tomorrow. Maybe you can help. We are a two car, three driver, three job family. Please keep this in mind, as you take a look at tomorrow's schedule for the Keenas.
6:30am Jim to Ridge (to work out)
7:00am Emily to work
8:00am Grace to orthodontist
8:00am Jim to work
8:30am Grace to school
9:00am Kim to Ridge
10:00 Kim home to cook, clean, etc...
10:30-1:00 Jim's Staff Meetings
12:00 Kim to work
1:00 Emily off work
3:00 Emily back to work
3:00 Kim off work

Any suggestions?