Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fly Fishing

Jim had a chance to go fly fishing yesterday. Daniel (front) is a fly fishing guide so really knows the ropes. Steve (background) is a physical therapist by trade, but we are becoming to know him as a man of many talents. They both attend our church and offered to take Jim fishing on the Yellowstone River.

Jim had great success and caught six or seven fish. But brought home none. As he put it "These guys are sportsmen, they catch-and-release". So much for fish and chips for dinner!

I think fly fishing is something Jim could really learn to enjoy. He even came home with a battle wound...a blister on his thumb. That's my man!

Oh, and this is what it's doing today!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It CAN Happen to you.

Just sitting here reading blogs, when an explosion sounded. From my 'fridge. I thought someone may have put some hot boiled eggs in the 'fridge to cool down, and the cooling must have caused the exploding. But, there were no exploded eggs in the 'fridge. Thankfully. Instead I found an opened can of refrigerated biscuits, and not on the shelf where I put them. The explosive had a May 24 expiration date on the end of the can. Do I really have things in my 'fridge that are that old? Kind of creepy. And so was the explosion. And so is my heart rate. I'm going to go lay down. Sure hope nothing else explodes!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Offer Made, Again

Friday we put an offer in on the Treasure house. It's a short sale, and from what I understand, there is usually nothing short about them. We will know if the bank decides to accept our offer, whenever they feel like telling us. So, we are still looking. No time to waste.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Househunting Update

We looked at a couple more houses yesterday. One was rickety and falling to pieces, so we're going to pass on that one. One was an awesome condo, but it IS a condo, so we're not sure we want to go that route. The third is a house identical to the one we're in, in the same neighborhood, which we love! The neighborhood, that is. The house needs some elbow grease, but the price is right.

There are two major differences in the one we are in now, and this other one. The other house has no wall dividing the living room and kitchen, so it has a very large, open feel. Not having the wall means not having the pantry that is on that wall. I would miss that.

The other big difference is the fourth bedroom in our current house is an open family room in the other house. So that would mean the girls would have to go back to sharing a room. Which Emily said is fine (Yay, Em!) but Grace is not sure about (go figure, since she is the mess maker!).

Other things we like about it:
It has beautiful, hard wood floors on the main level.
The back yard is a nice size.
We love being close to the pond, mall, Streamline, and the Ridge.
It has a hall linen closet that we don't presently have.
It has an extra kitchen window that we don't presently have.
We really like this tri-level design.
Did I mention that the price is right?

We'll need to decide in the next couple of days if we want to make an offer. And I'm leaving town for three days tomorrow! So, stay tuned!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thanks, but no thanks!

We have an upcoming women's retreat. I am in charge of the auction that raises money for our district project. So I have made an appeal to folks in the church to donate new or gently used items. I received a call from the church secretary that there was a pink basket at the church office with donations for the auction.

So yesterday I went to pick it up. This is what I found. The first thing I picked out of the basket was a racey novel with "Bozeman Public Library" stamped on the edges. Great, someone at church is contributing a STOLEN book! The image on the front was even more offensive...two lover's embracing passiontately! Oh, my! I thought "Well, maybe this is one of those Christan love stories." So I opened and started reading. It is not one of those "Christian love stories." Great, someone at church is reading trashy paperbacks!

The next thing I pulled out of the basket was this beautifully framed photo of THE POPE! Great, someone at church idolized the Pope!

Next, a coffee mug. I'm pretty sure this is somewhat offensive right? Unless the donor not only reads trashy paperbacks, but is also a Twilight fan!

The strangeness continued with this pink octopus aquarium ornament.

At this point, I started to wonder if this was a joke. And then I remembered my dear Prankster Friend! As I pilfired through the rest of the basket, I tried to chuckle at each obsurdity; an Elvis Christmas cassette, a half-burned candle, some floppy red-striped earrings, and a gaudy metal fairy princess!

Later yesterday I ran into said Prankster Friend, and she fessed up! I was relieved to know that her pink basket finds were the result of her and her daughter taking a trip to the Thrift Store. And I was relieved to know that we have no Pope loving-trashy novel reading-bad taste in earrings wearing woman! Whew!
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