Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Power School

So, our school district has an online website (is that stating the obvious?  Online website?) where parents can access their children's grades.  I'm still trying to decide if this is a good thing or not.  At least in my case, if I access G&D's grades regularly, I then feel somehow responsible for their grades.  Should I?  When the grades are low, I am all over their backs about bringing them up.  If they are good grades, well, they should be, so no big deal, right?  I don't know.  When A,B,C,D, and E were in school, I'm sure I had no idea what their grades were until report card time.  As it should be, right?  Then once every grading period the wrath of mom and dad came down on those with poor grades.  Now it seems like a continual annoyance.  "What's going on in math?"  "Did you turn in your science journal?"  "Why do you have a D in Art?  Who gets a D in Art?  How hard can Art be?"  The grade chatter is always running through my brain.  So, for my own sanity I have told G&D I will check Power School only once a week.  Then the wrath of mom will only blow once a week.  Grrr!  That still doesn't seem right.  When I was in school, I hated school, and the whole grading system.  Guess I still do.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

What's New

So, I guess I took a little break from blogging.  Here are my three excuses: 1) I have no idea where the camera cord is to transfer photos to the computer. 2) I've been kind of busy, or lazy, or apathetic.  3) I don't get enough time on the family computer to do anything other than "business".  You know checking email, checking facebook, checking recipes.  So in an attempt to bring you up to speed, I will simply list significant (mostly) things that have happened in the last four months.

1.  School was out, not one day too soon!  We were all relieved to be free of homework for the summer.
2.  Bethany came to Montana for the summer, working at the church's day camp, falling in love with this place, and making this place fall in love with her.
3.  We took a family vacation to Portland, ate Tillamook ice cream at the factory, loved on Uncle Wayne and Aunt Dana, and won Bingo at a church bbq.
4. I had a 50" flat screen tv installed for Jim for his 50th birthday.  What a great surprise!
5. I have worked up to one hour on the elipitical machine.
6. I was elected as Women's Ministries Deaconess at church.  I'm so excited to be back in the saddle.
7. We gave Duke, our dog, away.  No doggie doors and no fenced yard = one frustrated dog and four frustrated people living with said dog.  He is now in a good home, with a friend dog to play with.
8. Suffered one broken front window, five screens, and roof damage from a terrific hail storm.
9.  Andrew has accepted a job at Edelweiss Lodge and Retreat center in Germany.  Leaves October 17th.
10.  Emily is moving in with a family from Saudia Arabia.  Free room and board for an English speaking presence in their home.

See, you really haven't missed much, have you?  :)  But I bet you do miss photos.  I may actually look for that cord soon.