Monday, August 31, 2009

Offer Rejected

Well, she made us a counter offer, but it's not looking anywhere near our range. Bummer. Back to the drawing board.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Offer Made

We put an offer in on a house today. Five bedroom, living, family, dining, near the high school. It's always daunting to sit through the real estate agent's explanation of the stacks of papers to be signed. But a little exciting as well. We should have an answer by Monday evening.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Renewing My Mind

More prayer...less idle time.
More connection...less internet.
More discipline...less freedom.
More tasks completed...less negligence.
More encouraging words...less silence.
More scripture...less television.
More organization...less frustration.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

To Do

David's room, zucchini bread, Grace's closet, order photos, lending ministry, Christa's package, clean carpet, order Mary Kay, call Ann, three trips to Four Corners, dentist, Meet & Greet, volleyball parents meeting, retreat details, Staff and Elder's wives invites...ready, set, GO!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Andrew and His Pasta

The other day I walked into the kitchen and saw homemade pasta laying everywhere. Andrew was drying his latest delicacy. I said to him "You know you can buy that stuff in a box". I've never made homemade pasta, and I really don't understand people that do. But then, I am an not a pasta expert; to me it all tastes the same.

So come dinner time, Andrew had prepared his pasta, and was pouring it into a bowl. He lifted the bowl with oven mitts on, and the bowl slipped. Have you ever seen Corelle break? It shatters into a hundred pieces! And there it laid, the homemade pasta interwoven with shards of Corelle. All I could do was so "Oh, I'm so sorry!" All Andrew could do was leave the room! That was the end of that.

Until today, he decided to try a second time. He prepared the pasta, cut and laid out the pasta, and would you believe that our dog got up on the table and helped himself to about a third of it! Grrr! But the other was salvageable.

So Andrew not only prepared the pasta for dinner tonight, but he also made an amazing homemade marinara sauce. Who does that? I didn't have the nerve to tell him that shortly after Jim and I were married I went to all the trouble to make homemade lasagna sauce. After tasting it, Jim said "I think I like Ragu better". But Andrew's sauce was amazing deliciousness!

The pasta is gone, but there is just enough sauce left for ME for lunch tomorrow! Yum!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mom's Taxi

7:15am Take Grace to Camp Agape
10:00am Pick Emily up from work
10:30am Take David to Dylan's
12:30pm Take letter to bank to notarize for Andrew
1:00pm Pick up David from Dylan's
2:00 pm Drop Andrew off at MSU
2:30pm Take David to Jacob's
3:00pm Wait for 45 minutes in MSU parking lot for Andrew
3:45pm Pick up Grace from Camp Agape
4:00pm Take Andrew to Rosauer's to mail package
5:00pm Park Taxi

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bite of Bozeman

We've officially made it to our first repeat Bozeman event. That means we've been here over a year now. And I must tell you, our second Bite of Bozeman was by far, better than the first, for several reasons.

1. We actually knew what Bite of Bozeman is; to-go size portions of various offerings from dozens of Bozeman restaurants. They were all to-go sizes except for the super gross, two-foot-long hot dogs. Everytime time I walked by that grill, I had to turn my head. Please! Who needs that much processed meat on a bun?!

2. I don't remember what the weather was like last year, but I'm sure it was better tonight. 70 degrees is just about perfect for an August evening, wouldn't you say?

3. Last year we ran into one person we knew, Kenji. This year we ran into Kathy, John, Cyd, Aurene, Matt, Lisa, Andy, Shayna, Danielle, Nicole, Georgia, Anthony and his dad, Danelle, Eric, Anna, Abe, Nathan, Chris, Keaton, Grant, Tyler, Ryan, Iho, Derrick, Johanna, Briley, Danali, Corrie, Jonathan, and a couple other people we've met before and couldn't remember their names. (Sorry guys, but we just couldn't bare to ask your names again, since we just did last Thursday at Music on Main!)

4. The food was so much better this year. Or at least our sampling was better. I had a barbeque sundae for dinner. I'm not kidding! Barbecued brisket, baked beans, and cole slaw layered in a tall plastic cup. Simply stir, and love it! I will definitely be on the look out for this next year! Two hours later I was on the prowl for dessert, and found the perfect delight; a huckleberry bar a la mode! This was definitely a better food year!

This was definitely a better Bit of Bozeman year. Of course, the camera was nowhere to be found, so you'll just have to take my word for it!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


July 28 was my birthday, a significant one, and I photo-journaled the whole day!
Enjoy! I know I did!

I woke early to a well adorned kitchen, complete with streamers, balloons, and flowers!

I started out, taking Emily to work, and getting a wonderful vanilla latte!

I went to Camp Agape at 7:30am to register/check in campers. Jania (right) made me a birthday crown to wear, and wear it I did. Proudly!

I received a beautiful birthday bouquet from two of my favorite people: Doug and Danae!

Jim and I went to Peak Alignment, a class for spine strengthening.

Grace and I went bowling. I was pleased to break 100!

We then went to the Goodwill, can't remember what for. But as always, we found a few treasures.

We went to pick Emily up from work, and I was treated to this fabulous piece of blueberry pie, warm from the oven!

We went downtown for dinner.

Celebrated at home with a really hot cake!

I opened my gift from my children...a beautiful red Kitchen Aid.

I then called the girls to thank them for the delicious gift!
(Notice the beautiful new watch from Jim)

Then I went to bed, thoroughly relishing in a day well celebrated!