Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Report #1: Really Raggedy Ann

We open only a few gifts on Christmas Eve. My mom sent me a box with specific instructions to open it on Christmas Eve when we were all together. I nearly forgot! But found the box sitting under the tree before I went off to bed. You know, so Santa could come! I still love thinking that!

When I sat down to open the box Bethany, Christa and Danae all said "Oh, I know what it is!" So I opened the box to find my old Raggedy Ann Doll. Mom had saved it since I was a little girl, or maybe I was thirteen when I finally gave her up, I don't know, 'cause if you ask me I still LOVE Raggedy Ann. Well, Mom and her trusty friend Trudy had restuffed and redressed my Miss Raggedy. And she was beautiful...well, actually she's pretty ugly. But what a wonderful gift from my very distant past. Mom said I got her when I was three. That makes her about 35(!) years old. Or something like that.

Friday, December 18, 2009

What Have I Forgotten? (Danae Style)

1. Thirteen Stockings Hung (see last post)
2. Christmas Tree Up, very high on a table, out of reach of little fingers
3. HoneyBaked Ham arrived from Uncle Carlton
4. Two pack-and-plays on loan
5. Two car seats borrowed
6. One townhouse (complete with crib, toddler bed and more) on loan
7. One table leaf inserted
8. Two booster chairs borrowed
9. New batteries in the camera
10. Presents bought and wrapped
11. Stocked up on toilet paper and paper towels
12. Parcels wrapped and mailed
13. Christmas Dishes on stand-by
14. Snow for a White Christmas
15. Lots of coffee in the cupboard
16. Front-wheel Drive vehicle secured for trip over the pass
17. Diapers and wipes bought
18. "The Ellen" tickets bought for the 23rd
19. Itineraries Confirmed
20. Extra hats and gloves for southeners

What have I forgotten?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lucky Number 13

Andrew walked in from work tonight, and saw the stockings I have hanging down our banister. He remarked "Look at all those stockings!" I replied "That's how many of us there will be for Christmas!" He didn't believe me. He had to count. Dad, Mom, Bethany, Christa, Jason, Bailey, Caden, Danae, Doug, Andrew, Emily, Grace, David. Thirteen! Seems that's my lucky number now days!