Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bagel Babe

A local bagel shop is celebrating their anniversary with several styles of t-shirts.  One says "Bagel Babe".  Since I now make my own bagels, I suppose I should get one.  

Barely Enough Bagels: Note to time, double the recipe.
Buoyant Bagels: Did you know that "real" bagels are boiled?

Baking Bagels:  The seemed to dry off just fine in the oven.

Baked Bagels:  Hold the Beauty

Bagel Lunch: If you can get past the ugly, it tasted great!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Addition: Prime Time

What is better than having our new family room ready to prime?

Having a Prime Primer to prime it.  
He's just filling my love cup!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

We had a most wonderful Easter, complete with four church services (Go, Baby, Go!), three dinner guests, two hours of basketball, and a partridge in a pear tree.  
Well, maybe not a partridge in a pear tree.

Family Easter Photo

Jonathan and Jessie...the answer to our prayers for great role models/friends for our kiddos!

David, Jon (another youth leader), Jonathan & Jessie 'round the meal table.

Passing the green beans...and I'm not sure what Jessie is doing, but it still doesn't disqualify her as a great role model!
Awaiting the Great Easter Basket Hunt
Not sure what Jonathan thinks he's #1 at,
unless it's the absolute best Easter basket he's ever had!
Yeah, that must be it.

David shooting over the big boys...wait, David is taller than either of them.

Friday, April 15, 2011

This Week

1.  One track meet.
2.  Two teacher's conferences
3.  Three dozen cookies baked by David
4.  Four days I did NOT work out.
5.  Five dinners we did not eat together as a family.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rodeo Highs and Two Lows

Top Ten Things about the Rodeo
1.  Free Tickets
2.  Cowboy Boots
3.  Family Night
4.  Cowboy Hats
5.  Corny Rodeo Clown
     Clown:  We need to stop the rodeo!!!
     Announcer:  Why?  What's wrong?
     Clown:  I've dropped my gum.
     Announcer:  Why can't you just chew another piece?
     Clown:  Because the piece I lost has my teeth in it!
6.  Cowboys
7.  Emily's face during the goat roping.  (Imagine terrified distortion!)
8.  Knowing the vet was present for the "equine and bovine athletes".
9.  Emily yelling "Run, goat, run!"
10.  Cheering for the Bobcat Rodeo Team.  (who knew?) 

Two Lows
1.  Watching a bucked cowboy leave the arena with (I'm pretty sure) a broken bone.
2.  Witnessing something called a "Cow Milking".  For those of you that have never heard of this, at least in a rodeo arena, let me try and explain.  The announcer calls for the Cow Milking Teams to get in place.  He calls the first time, and I turn to Emily and say "Did he say Cow Milking Teams?"  He calls the second time, and I turn to Jim and say "Did he say Cow Milking Teams?  COW. MILKING?"  So before the event begins, the teams line up in front of the shoot gates.  The announcer tells the crowd that each of the six teams will need to drag their cow across the arena and... (at which point I said "DRAG their cow?" so I heard no other instructions.)  The gates suddenly opened and there were six cows, large cows, large confused cows, on ropes.  Each team attempted to drag their cow, but it looked more like mayhem!  I am sure one team member was trampled and at least one cow was seriously traumatized.  She just laid there long after she had been milked.  I was sure she was broken.  But eventually she did get up and trot out of the arena.  It was at this point the announcer thanked the resident veterinarian for being there to care for the "equine and bovine athletes".  Yeah, that's what they are, athletes. 

All this to say, I would definitely go again.  I'd probably wear by boots next time.  I'd probably take a potty break during the Cow Milking.  And I'd definitely take my camera.  You probably don't even believe any of this, but you darn-tootin' would if I'd taken my camera!

Homework Standoff Averted

Last night I emailed my New Eve gals and told them I could not come to Bible Study.  I was preparing for a Homework Standoff, and I knew I would need all the strength I could muster.  Power School had proved that both G&D still had assignments missing from our elongated spring break.  Two weeks later, there were still numerous "M"s on their reports.  So yesterday I emailed teachers, even received a call from one, printed grade reports, and was ready for battle!

I picked up G from track practice, and I inquired about the missing assignments.  She assured me she was well on her way to having things completed, in fact she had turned in many during the day.  One large Spanish project was due today, so I restricted her from youth group last night, until she could show me the finished project.  At approximately 6:30 she presented me with said project, and proceeded to drive herself to youth group.  Yay!

I had also decided that D would not go to basketball practice last night.  He also had one large project due today in addition to math homework.  He didn't even peep about missing practice, and seemed eager to get his work done.  ("What have you done with my son?!)  I helped him edit three letters he had already written, and Emily (best-sister-ever) helped him complete his math homework.

It was all said and done by 8:30, with minimal frustration involving a lame internet connection.  We are all still friends.  And I'm dumbstruck!  The hand-to-hand combat I was anticipating was non-existent.  Some things never cease to amaze me.