Saturday, April 24, 2010

Women's Expo

I went to the Women's Expo at MSU today.  Their ploy to get me there?  "Get the back of this page stamped by all the advertised vendors and you could win..."  I could win some great stuff!  And I am such a sucker for free stuff!  A dog toy, a free one-hour massage, a sonic toothbrush from Oral B, a 5-piece kitchen set, a half-hour helicopter tour of the Gallatin Valley, a two-night stay at a lovely ranch, the ever-present Mary Kay gift basket, and more!

I went, alone (pitiful pity party) and walked around for over an hour.  It wasn't crowded at all, I suppose due to the ultra wonderful Bozeman weather today.  So the vendors were anxious to tell you about their wares.  Everything from hand-painted high-heel pumps to tickets to a boxing match.

There was a fashion show, modeled by apparent college students.  The ogling from all the women when one male model took off his shirt had me questioning "Where exactly do I live, again?!"

I suppose the highlight of the Expo for me was the free chair massage!  Why do I fall for these "Here's-a-free-massage-but-you-need-to-listen-to-a ten-minute-explanation-of-why-you-need-chiropractic-treatment" deals?  Because I will do nearly anything for a back massage!  I probably really do need chiropractic treatment and will get right to that as soon as I read through all the informative pamphlets I picked up today!

I did get my page stamped and turned it in, so they should be calling anytime with my wonderful prize!  Stay tuned!

UPDATE!  i won free one-hour massage at the Expo!  My name was called over the loud-speaker and a lady from my church went to claim it for me.  She said "That's my pastor's wife, can I take it to her tomorrow?"  And they let her!  Yay!  

Monday, April 19, 2010

Been A Little Busy

The last few weeks have included a spring break mission trip to Spokane, packing and cleaning our Powder River house, closing on our Sweetgrass house, moving, unpacking, a week in Chicago/Indiana, more unpacking.  So I thought I would just check in to let you know I had not fallen off the face of the earth.  I love our new home.  This is the only photo we have of it right now.  Broken cameras = limited shots.  Once we are settled a bit more, we will take some more photos with Jim's phone (pathetic!) and share the inside with you as well.