Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What is this "boring" you speak of?

In response to a friend's blog, where she laid out highlights from her "wonderfully boring summer", this was my reply!

What is this "boring" you speak of? In the last week I've...
...bought three planners, trying to find the perfect one, since Chandler has gone belly up!
...packed 19 boxes, give or take a few.
...colored my hair too dark, so had to make a 7:45am appt with my "colorist".
...gone to a White Sox game and sat and feasted in a sky box.
...attended a wedding reception and danced the Cha Cha Slide for the first time.
...visited with my brother, Gary, who is flying to China next week to adopt a physically challenged two-year-old boy.
...fallen asleep at 8:30 at night, only to wake at 4:00am.
...been loved on by LGCC at a Farewell Party!
...watched 8 episodes of Monk (I somehow identify with this show!)
...reduced all of our Christmas storage to 4 red Rubbermaids.
...celebrated with Jason about his new job as Editor of Community Spirit Magazine in Tulsa!
...gathered 4 more boxes for a second yard sale.
...taken many wall items off our walls (NOW it looks like we're moving, as if the stacks of boxes weren't an obvious enough clue).
...celebrated with Danae about her new job as University Receptionist!
...taken Grace to basketball camp.
...had dinner with neighbors.
...thought about my Dad (tomorrow is his birthday)
...submitted change of address forms.
...been told I look tired.

Yes, this "boring" does sound wonderful! Enjoy! Much love!


Shan said...

Is this? Did I just find your FIRST BLOG ENTRY? Look at me gooooo. Hi Kim :D I love discovering new blogs of people I never actually see in person. I saw your big list earlier on Trish's blog and it made me almost collapse over in a tired pile of empathy. Then I remembered you have all those children and you've been this busy for a while now. heh heh.
Well, good luck fitting this in as well. I don't seem to get to mine as often as I like because I'm always enjoying other blogs. Hope you guys are having a great summer! I guess I'll find out now won't I? :)

Bekah said...

Welcome to blog world! I just love keeping up with people via their blogs!
Jason and I will be in Chicago July 3rd - 8th. We decided to shorten our trip because...honestly we couldn't afford the time away from work!
When do you guys move?