Thursday, July 3, 2008

So Many Emotions

Jim is coming home today, after four days away. He took Grace and David to see Grandma and Grandpa Keena. They've had a good time there; Cardinals baseball game, swimming with the Ducketts, time with the cousins, two hours at the river yesterday. Jim's Dad continues to be more confused, and this trip, has not really recognized Jim. Sadness.

While they have been gone, I have been a busy little bee, with lofty goals of having "everything done" by the time they get home. I've taken everything off the walls, packed the kitchen, visited Bethany twice, spackled holes in the walls, packed the linen closet and bathroom, ate out alone, donated four boxes of stuff to the Goodwill, watched a lot of old TV shows, and hurt my elbow. Really hurt my elbow. I have several more hours of packing I could get done before they arrive home tonight, but now I'm stopped cold. Pain.

Bethany got a call yesterday from a good friend in Colorado who is an Associate Pastor. He offered her a job at a church in Denver, as a Receptionist/His Assistant. She has always dreamed of living in Colorado. He is one of her very best friends. She would be closer to Montana. She could finish her degree at Denver Seminary. She is not sure. Possibility.

Bailey has gotten her first tooth. I was right! See, Christa called several days ago concerned that Bailey was sleeping too much (9:00pm - 10:00am). I told Christa that she is probably just teething! Truth.

It's less than a week before we pull out of here. I'm tired of packing. I'm tired of planning. I am looking forward to trading in these mountains of boxes for the Bridgers! Anticipation!


Trish said...

Wish I was there to help :-( Oh well, it would probably be too tempting to just leave it all and go to Braums!

Shan said...

Whoa Kim! You have been workin' it! So much so that you got packing elbow?! Hope it feels better soon.

I loved your style in that post by the way. ;) Saying a prayer right now for a smoooooth moooove.