Thursday, October 9, 2008

Winter Weather Storm

"A very potent early winter storm will prevail over much of the
West right through the coming weekend."

And so begins new weather patterns in our new home. It's been brisk today, and Chicago-windy!

Fortunately, I had a lovely day at home. Thursdays are my favorites. I have a Moms In Touch group that meets in my living room on Thursday afternoons, so guess what I do on Thursday mornings? Yep, I clean house! And today I also baked whole wheat chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes for Grace to take to school tomorrow (Did you know tomorrow is "National Cake Decorating Day"?) and cooked Wheat Berries with Craisins for dinner. The fam did not object too awful much to the new side dish, so I may make them again sometime. Next time more savory than sweet.

Tomorrow Grace has two visitors coming from Chicago. Two of her best buds, flying in at noon, if the runways are cleared of snow! Should be a great weekend for the three amigas! Grace always seems to find something interesting to do with her friends.
In light of the impending snow storm, tonight we tried to fit both cars into our two-car garage! Success! Drivers just have to be oh-so careful in backing out, not to hit the sides of the garage. I told Em, her scraping windows this winter is dependent on her ability to get the car out of the car without causing any damage. If she hits the sides, her car is back out on the street. Literally! I think the prospect of not having to scrape windows is a great motivation for careful driving.


Lauren said...

Can't wait to see pictures of snow!! I am thankful thought that we are months away from even the thought of snow!
Miss you guys!

The Castles said...

The weather here is suppose to be in the 70's this weekend.
Maybe you all should snow bird here this year :)

Bekah said...

Amen to no snow for a while. It was 85 here today and I was actually sweating when I got in the car after having it sit for a while.

Becky said...

Get ready to hunker down! I think you'll have to wear those thin little gloves all of the time, along with your 3 layers. Did you get the studded snow tires yet? Have fun!

Trish said...

Would you believe that we actually turned the car air conditioner on yesterday? We were coming home from Fayetteville and the sun was terribly strong in our faces. The kids were complaining about how hot it was...blah, blah, blah. OK, so we're wimpy! Well, if you've got it, you might as well use it! Hope you've stocked up on hot chocolate!