Saturday, April 4, 2009

That's What I'm Talking About...

In the crazed world of couponing, I am a novice at best. Mostly because our Sunday paper has NO coupons in it. So I have to hunt and peck for coupons. And hunting and pecking I am doing. Coupons aside, let me also mention that since we have moved to Bozeman, I have terribly missed Walgreens. I used to clean up at Walgreens when it came to coupons and coupon stacking. I was told by some that CVS offers similar couponing joys. I have not found that to be true. Until today. It wasn't a big haul. But it was a cheap one. Here's what I did.
*I paid for my prescription in the pharmacy.
*My printed receipt had two coupons on it.
1) $2.00 off one Stayfree product.
2) $2.50 Extra Value Bucks (to be used on most general merchandise)
*So I picked up a pack of Stayfree that were on clearance ($2.09) and a bag of Easter candy that I thought was $2.50. When I checked out, the candy rang up for $2.00.
*Since I wanted to use both receipt coupons immediately, I grabbed a pack of .99 gum for a total of $5.08.
*After deducting my two coupons I paid .58. On THAT receipt was printed another $2.00 Extra Value Bucks coupon. So I walked back to the candy aisle and picked up another bag of $2.00 candy, for free!
So for fifty-eight cents, I walked out of CVS with two bags of Easter candy (the good kind, mini-mars bars), one pack of Stayfree, and a pack of gum. For 58 cents! Now that's what I'm talking about!


Smits Family said...

ohhh, you may grow to LOVE CVS! I continually roll my ECB's and get free stuff or paid for it ALL the time.

you don't get ANY coupons? It might be worth it to have your girls mail you coupons from their papers :)

Mom Keena said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that we have no sales tax in Montana. That should make the math right!