Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Report #1: Really Raggedy Ann

We open only a few gifts on Christmas Eve. My mom sent me a box with specific instructions to open it on Christmas Eve when we were all together. I nearly forgot! But found the box sitting under the tree before I went off to bed. You know, so Santa could come! I still love thinking that!

When I sat down to open the box Bethany, Christa and Danae all said "Oh, I know what it is!" So I opened the box to find my old Raggedy Ann Doll. Mom had saved it since I was a little girl, or maybe I was thirteen when I finally gave her up, I don't know, 'cause if you ask me I still LOVE Raggedy Ann. Well, Mom and her trusty friend Trudy had restuffed and redressed my Miss Raggedy. And she was beautiful...well, actually she's pretty ugly. But what a wonderful gift from my very distant past. Mom said I got her when I was three. That makes her about 35(!) years old. Or something like that.

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