Saturday, December 11, 2010

Making Soap

The other day, I bought supplies to make soap. I was going to give slices of Christmas soap as party favors at our White Elephant Gift Exchange. So I bought the soap, printed directions from Martha, and followed them to the letter!

This was the soap after I popped it out of the pan.

And this was the soap after I sliced it! Every slice fell apart into five pieces.

My first thought was to chuck it all in the garbage, but then I remembered those checkered soaps I've seen. So I chopped up the rectangles, put them in the pans, and poured more melted glycerine soap over the chunks.

Ta da! It sliced beautifully!
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Trish said...

You do Martha proud!

KillerB said...

What!? Homemade soap??

You. Are. Amazing.

Bekah said...

Would you mind posting the link for making this soap?

Mom Keena said...

Bekah, This was the recipe I used. But, as you can see, it didn't work quite right. Anyway, it's pretty basic.