Thursday, April 7, 2011

Homework Standoff Averted

Last night I emailed my New Eve gals and told them I could not come to Bible Study.  I was preparing for a Homework Standoff, and I knew I would need all the strength I could muster.  Power School had proved that both G&D still had assignments missing from our elongated spring break.  Two weeks later, there were still numerous "M"s on their reports.  So yesterday I emailed teachers, even received a call from one, printed grade reports, and was ready for battle!

I picked up G from track practice, and I inquired about the missing assignments.  She assured me she was well on her way to having things completed, in fact she had turned in many during the day.  One large Spanish project was due today, so I restricted her from youth group last night, until she could show me the finished project.  At approximately 6:30 she presented me with said project, and proceeded to drive herself to youth group.  Yay!

I had also decided that D would not go to basketball practice last night.  He also had one large project due today in addition to math homework.  He didn't even peep about missing practice, and seemed eager to get his work done.  ("What have you done with my son?!)  I helped him edit three letters he had already written, and Emily (best-sister-ever) helped him complete his math homework.

It was all said and done by 8:30, with minimal frustration involving a lame internet connection.  We are all still friends.  And I'm dumbstruck!  The hand-to-hand combat I was anticipating was non-existent.  Some things never cease to amaze me.

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Bethany Keena said...

What a good night! I'm so glad Emily is smart, patient and willing to help! :) You've got some good kids there!