Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Last 24 Hours I

1.  Spent two hours doing a Saturday morning cleaning of my room, including removing the rickety stool in my closet that caused a frightening fall a couple of Sunday mornings ago.  I'm just not quite ready for that hip surgery, unless I break both hips simultaneously and the docs can move them in a couple inches on each side.

2.  Made a pot of hazelnut coffee for myself, then only drank one cup.  

3.  Vacuumed the stairs. 

4.  Went to Home Depot for a new window shade.  After agonizing over whether I needed a light-filtering or black-out shade, I went with the less expensive light-filtering, only the shades were incorrectly stocked, so Lisa cut a black-out shade to my measurement, but sold it to me for the lesser amount.

5.  Called my beauty-consultant (yes, I have one, she just doesn't know that's what I call her!) about my missing eye-lashes (I've been under a little stress lately, and my eye lashes have abandoned ship), then proceeded to Ulta where I was introduced to a $49.99 serum that would perform miracles on "regrowing my lashes and brows".  (My brows?!  What's wrong with my brows?!)  I decided against the serum, bought some "They're Real" mascara and some false lashes.

6.  Inquired about false lashes on Facebook and had more-than-expected comments from Falsie lovers/wearers, including one posted "How To" video.  Thanks, Facebook peeps!

7.  Checked  into the Ridge to walk and swim, only the third or fourth time in 7 weeks.

8.  Ate here for dinner and had the most delicious Ginger Chicken and a very wonderful dinner companion.

9.  Went to my first MSU basketball game of the season.

10.  Had phone conversations with David at 9:00pm, 10:00pm and 10:40pm about his plans for the evening.  In my book the evening was already over, but his did not end until after midnight when I walked into his room and found him still awake because he had just gotten home. 

It was a pretty normal Saturday, and that felt good.

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