Monday, September 22, 2008

"Bring On Winter"

This is the book I received from the ladies at EFCB, at a breakfast last week. The morning was planned for fellowship, food, and figuring out how to help Kim through her first Montana winter. These are just a few of the hints included in the compilation.
1. "Carry extra blankets in your car!"
2. "Little Stretchy Cotton Gloves- buy a ton of them and leave'em everywhere!"
3. "Make sure you have studded snow tires." (Why does this sound like an oxymoron to me?)
4. "You'll need long silk underwear." (Can you say Cuddl Duds?!)
5. "Make friends with winter and find things to do. skiing, skating, and sledding."
6. "Two Words: Rice Sock! Take a long sock and fill it 1/2 way with rice. Tie a knot in the end. Pop it in the microwave & off you go!"
7. "The big thing in the winter is layer your clothes and you'll stay warm. I started wearing about 5 layers, now I just wear 3- so you will adjust." (Just three?)
8. "Just love it! It comes with all sorts of blessings and beauties. It's the best season."

Several ladies also recommended cross-country skiing. I wouldn't necessarily be excited about this, but someone has already given me a pair of cross-country skis and boots. Guess there's really no excuse, huh?! Especially since one gal offered to teach me how to cross-country ski, and then invited me to her outdoor hot tub afterward! "When it's 10 degrees below zero and you have ice cycles in your hair, but you are toasty warm in the hot tub, it's a lot of fun!" I'll let you know on that one!
The breakfast buffet was fabulous, with egg casseroles, homemade cinnamon rolls, fresh strawberries, and even cheese & onion grits!
My friend, Carla, always has clever ideas! She wrote several ideas in my book, including "Close the curtains, turn up the heat, put the Beach Boys on, grill hamburgers, make some sort of frozen drinks, wear shorts, and pretend it's a sunny, hot day!" I like Carla's ideas! Somehow this mother of six boys always seems to have a creative bent to everything! I'm sure it has served her family well! (Which I'm sure she would love you to know, now includes a brand new baby granddaughter!)

So "Bring On Winter"...I think. I've got my survival manual in hand. Oh, but I need to get those studded tires and stretchy gloves. Better wait on the winter, at least for a few more weeks!


Susan Beth said...

For the studded snow tires, see Linus at Eagle Tire. The always treat us right and get the best deal.

Bekah said...

This reminds me of something I would see on the show "Men In Trees" that takes place in Alaska. Except instead of a church it all takes place at a bar......okay so it's not the actual show that I was reminded of, just the gosh darn cold weather! Brrrrrrrr! God just made me to live in the south! :-)

Trish said...

I love that's so pretty. And, your friends have done a pretty convincing job of making me think that living in the frigid north might not be so bad. How bad can it be? As long as you've got plenty of firewood... However, I don't think that even the thought of perpetual fire in the fireplace would convince Roger.
We'll just have to visit in the summer.

Shan said...

You look SO pretty! I think the impending cold agrees with you little lady! ;)
How nice to have such a welcome.