Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cathching Up

Sorry for the lack of blogactivity. I've really been too scattered for blogactivity. Too scattered, and dare I say it, too busy for blogactivity. I do have some nice photos on my camera that I will eventually upload and share. But tonight I'm only trying to figure out tomorrow. Maybe you can help. We are a two car, three driver, three job family. Please keep this in mind, as you take a look at tomorrow's schedule for the Keenas.
6:30am Jim to Ridge (to work out)
7:00am Emily to work
8:00am Grace to orthodontist
8:00am Jim to work
8:30am Grace to school
9:00am Kim to Ridge
10:00 Kim home to cook, clean, etc...
10:30-1:00 Jim's Staff Meetings
12:00 Kim to work
1:00 Emily off work
3:00 Emily back to work
3:00 Kim off work

Any suggestions?


Gary said...

Where you working now?

Danae said...

I will come and take you to work!
Love you.

jasonandchrista said...

Buy a horse for Emily.

Problem solved.

Carol said...

It sounds like Jim needs a bicycle, then you're down to two cars-two jobs-two drivers. Problem solved.