Sunday, November 1, 2009

"A" Team

Grace took her first high-school road trip this weekend, to Great Falls, MT, with the volleyball team. The "B" team that she had been playing on didn't travel much, so to be called up to the "A" team just in time to take an overnight trip was every freshman's dream come true. They left Friday morning at 8:30 (missing an entire day of school!) and got home about 9:00pm Saturday.

So what would go through your mind if your 14-almost-15 year old daughter told you her team was going for an overnight, complete with unchaperoned hotel rooms? What went through my mind drove me to my knees! But I was quite delighted when she returned with the following photos as THE highlights of the trip.

This "ghetto diner" was where the girls ate breakfast. It definitely left an impression on the girls. Grace did say, though, that it reminded her of being in the south because the waitresses kept calling everyone "hun" and "sweetie".

And what could be more harmless than girls in footie jammies! Okay maybe four girls in footie jammies. What are the odds!?

So, one road trip down, many more to go. I just hope the highlights continue to be bad restaurants and footie pajamas!

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Bekah said...

I was right there with you a couple weeks back. Stephie had her first overnight with her chorus group. No chaperones, just a chorus director and duct tape on all hotel room doors! I was a little freaked to say the least but guess what, she had a great time and she has great friends like Gracie has too! :-) I guess our babies are growing up...tear.