Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Report #2: Not A Lot of Words, Just A Lot of Pictures!

Christmas Day was wonderful at the Keena home.

The stockings were on on the staircase with care! Notice the mattresses on the living room floor. Some of the kids slept in the living room on Christmas Eve.

We may be crazy, but we got David a drum set for Christmas. Or as I like to call it a "Build-A-Drum Set".
We all gathered in the living room, making Dave wait downstairs until all cameras were on! I hope you can see his face! It was great!

And speaking of faces, yes, those are tears you see in Grace's eyes! She got a cell phone for Christmas. Jim had given out her phone number to her friends (and they really did keep the secret!) so that when Grace turned on her phone she had dozens of text messages waiting! What a treat!

Jim and I got a set of Smittens. The perfect mittens for holding hands during these cold Montana winters!

Christa and Jason had created these name posters for each family. They took the photos, then mounted them. We love it!

Jim had a surprise for the fam on Christmas afternoon. We loaded the cars and headed to a sheep farm! You'll have to look real close to see the sheep in this photo!

And this was one shot of the beautiful winter scenery!

Christa, our own collector of sheep, got to feed the lambs.

Craig and Gretchen treated us all buggy rides, on this buggy built by Gretchen!

After the trip to the sheep farm we went home to enjoy a wonderful Christmas dinner that was capped off with this delicacy! My grandmother's Applesauce Cake a la mode with apple-pie filling on top!

Stay tuned for more Christmas photos!

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Trish said...

It looks like you had a fabulous time... So glad!