Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Flirtations with sin abound. 
Flirtations to hold back the truth. 
Flirtations to keep what is not ours. 
Flirtations to go over the line of decency. 

Why is it when we are flirting with sin that we feel so in control?  Justifications spur us onward, that we are powerful enough to control the situation.  That "it's okay".

It is not.
We are not merely dancing with flirtations; we are engaged in a war.
A battle for our minds.
A battle for our hearts.
A battle for our lives.

Yet, I know One who has won the battle.
He offers me the same victory.

We are under attack.
But we will be victorious.


Bethany Keena said...

Yes! I wrote something with the same theme not too long ago. It's funny how God works in our hearts. Sometimes knowing what is true is not the same thing as what we may FEEL is right. flirtations leads to sin...(says the girl who likes to put her toes on the carpet)

Jim Keena said...

Great quote, so true. I love you and I love being with you as we walk together with Him.