Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Greater Good

See that guy and girl on the left? 
Let me tell you how great they are...

Last night was Homecoming at BHS.  Grace was asked to go with her Beau, Nick.  They were going with a group of 10, to Ted's Montana Grill for dinner.  Well, Friday, for whatever reason, one couple dropped out of their group.  Shouldn't have really been a problem, but the reservation for Ted's required a party of 10.  So Grace put a bug in Natalie's ear, or maybe she put the bug in David's ear, I'm not exactly sure which ear the bug was put into, but you must know that is one of the creepiest things I can ever imagine.  Literally.  That is why I sleep with my hair over my ears.

I digressed...Sweet Senior Natalie and Freshman David decided somehow that they would be #9 and #10 for the dinner reservation.  I found out about this Saturday morning at 8:30 before I needed to leave for Big Sky at 10:00.  There was a request that David wear a black shirt, black pants, and a teal tie.  So I went to four stores in 30 minutes trying to find said outfit.  (It would behoove David to actually own any dress clothes)  I'm a little afraid to admit that Kmart was my answer.  I found said shirt, black shoes, and a pair of pants, that I knew would be too big but he has a belt, right?  Wrong!  No belt could've fit those 32 pants around his 28 waist.  So there was much frustration at 4:30 trying to figure out what to wear.  Until Natalie showed up to do Grace's hair.  She said "I'm just wearing jeans".  I said "You are my favorite person in the whole world right now!"  Outfit...done!

Natalie and David were able to help out the bigger group, David agreeing to be Natalie's "date" and Natalie choosing to go casual!  I love it when every little detail works out for the greater good.  

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