Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Church on Sunday

Jason and Christa are attending a new church since they have recently moved. I got to visit on Sunday, and in sure tourist-fashion I took the camera along. Mostly to take pictures of them, but I was so surprised/impressed with their church building, I thought I would share.
The church meets in a former mall. This is the center of the mall-now-church, and you can see that this church has things marked far better than any mall I've ever been in!

The booths set up are in preparation for a Christmas market that the church will host,
for all of Tulsa.

This shot is for Jim. They have their mission statement clearly and creatively visible. "Glorifying God by helping all people, all ages, all the time advance in their journey for Christ." I also saw this statement in their bulletin.

So to not look to touristic, I had Christa sit by the mall fountain turned baptismal fount.
No kidding. This is where they do baptisms.

The worship service was very rock-star.

This is the check-in station for the Nursery. The small machine prints out a "receipt" for your child, that you absolutley must show in order to remove your child from the Nursery.

This was the first impression I got, when I walked in.
Any wonder I snapped a few photos?
As impressed as I was with the facility, I must say how impressed I have been with the people. Christa's small group has been bringing meals a couple times a week, and will continue to do so all November. Seems like a great place for Jason and Christa to be!


Bethany Keena said...

oh my, I'm first to comment! um...I'd just like to say that Christa looks really cute! I'm glad you were able to see their church!

Shan said...

WOW! This looks like it might be a branch of the church started in OKC? I visited one of the "campuses" as they call each church when I was visiting my parents.

When a golf cart pulled up behind our van to take us up the hill to the front of the church, I broke out into slightly hysterical laughter and I don't think I stopped until band quieted down and the pastor started to speak. I thought I was at six flags! But, just like you I was pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of the people and all of the services the church provided to the community. The pastor of the church did the introduction and local info and then the main one came on the huge screen for the sermon (which was totally awesome!!) I wanted to blog about it too! But, I think I just did-oopsie ;)

Mom Keena said...

I saw no golf carts at this church. Darn. This is not affiliated with any other churches. It it a church "reborn". About 5 years ago, they grew out of an older congregation. That older congregation is the church my son-in-law grew up in. His fam left the church when it went too contemporary, and ironically, now Christa and Jason are back there.