Monday, November 10, 2008

Time Travel

Today I visited Siloam Springs. It's a different feeling everytime I go. Over the four years we were in Chicago, our visits to Siloam brought everything from we-are-glad-we-are-outta-here to we-really-miss-this-place kind of feelings. Today we basically drove to Siloam to see Andrew and Trish & Sam. Our plans were to make a JBU stop, a Steph stop, a Youmans stop, a Happy Birthday, Mrs. Caldwell stop, and of course, a Barnett's stop. We were planning on seeing about five people we knew.

Our first stop at JBU we not only saw Megan, our Financial Aid assistant, but in the same building saw Terri, Don, Susan, Rebekah, and Hannah.

At the Steph stop we saw Steph, Jill, Pam, Wanda, and Barb.

The Youmans stop included all people Youmans, minus the doctor.

The Birthday stop included Barb and Deborah.

The Barnett's stop included Reid, and some fine AAA stangers who gave our dead battery a jump.

Just as when we lived there Siloam was more than we bargained for, so our trip today was more than we had planned. But tonight I sit filled to the brim with the wonderfulness of the people of Siloam. I am glad to have called that place home, yet I am also glad for the new home we have, and the wonderfulness of people there. I'm thankful that God leads us to wonderful people.


Bethany Keena said...

i agree. going home to siloam it is always a fun treat the different people you didn't not "plan" to see!

Bekah said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I hope to get back there to visit again someday soon too! :-)

Beth said...

WHAT? You were in Siloam & you didn't even stop to see us? How dare you! ;)

Melissa Flaming said...

Ok, I'll stop my complaining today, and think of one GOOD thing about Newton, KS each day.
I'll start with this:
#1- we have Braum's ice cream again.