Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Cookie Part-ee

Meet Mark and Michelle. They love Christmas cookies, and they love sharing! Yesterday, they shared with the Keena Family, by bringing us a Christmas Cookie Party. They both are professional cookie decorator's here.

They had baked a box full of cookies, made a dozen bottles of Royal Icing, and included a multitude of sugars, sprinkles, and edible decorations.

After just a bit on instruction, we were off on our own.

Grace made some beautifully personalized cookies for her BFFs.

Jim's favorite creation. We kind of thought it looked like Grandpa Keena.

Some of our finished fancies.

We may not quite be ready for Fancy Flours, but we sure had fun!


Gary said...

very cool

Melissa Flaming said...

Man, I'd go to town on my sugar cookies if someone gave me all of that frosting and sprinkles! I'm just too cheap to spend the money on it! So, today my kiddos will have to just use colored frosting. They'll get eaten faster than they can frost.
Great job, Keena family!!

Kati McCauley said...

I told you how much I love Fancy Flours!!!! I'm so impressed that you know people that decorate for them. :-D