Saturday, December 13, 2008

What a Week!

This has been a great week. Lots of Christmas preparations and celebrations. And a birthday party thrown in the mix for fun!

Jim started out the week in Tulsa, with the Clark's.

I sent along an early Christmas present for Caden.
A onesie with a special Christmas greeting.

On Tuesday, Jim flew home, and we had a first-ever in the Keena family; an early birthday party. Because of Grace's frenzied social calendar, we celebrated her 14th birthday three days early. (Please don't tell the older children!)

I'm sure her one of her favorite gifts was this shirt, from one of her favorite Chicago sisters!

We also had a little "congratulations" gift for Jim. He had just defended his proposal for his Phd, and is now an official PhD candidate. How appropriate that he should have a pair of PhD socks!

Friday night we attended our first ever Staff Christmas Party..seriously, seventeen years in the ministry, and our first Staff Christmas Party. There was plenty of good food and bubbly drinks, and my favorite, a White Elephant Gift Exchange. Now, if you know me at all, you know I like "to win". And you may have never really thought about there being any winners at a White Elephant Gift Exchange. I beg to differ. After much prudent forethought, tactical planning, and deliberate stealing, I'd say Jim and I both came away as winners. See below.
My prize was two sets of beautiful note cards photographed by our church secretary, Becky. One set of flowers, one set of animals. Lovely.

Jim won two boxes of Nories Candies. Six ounces each of handmade chocolates by a lady in our church. I'm sure the boxes were identical to begin with, but let me just point out how one of the boxes is missing the Assorted Chocolates label, and one piece of chocolate. Jim promised me he did not take a piece of the chocolate out. Consider yourself forewarned; never leave properly won boxes of handmade chocolates unattended, especially around church staff!

While Jim and I were white-elephanting, Grace had a proper birthday party. She and three of her Best Buds went to the Ellen Theater's production of A Christmas Carol. A night on the town proved to be a great time for these lovelies!

One sleepover later, they may appear a little less lovely, however a night on the living room floor is hard on anyone! Notice Grace's lovely attire, both hat and jammies were gifts from the BFFs.

The morning after also brought a blanket of white. A very large blanket, mind you. It's absolutely wonderful...just ask Mikaela!


Gary said...
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Gary said...

From the photo of Grace after her sleep over, what was she smoking? It might help my back.

And it was me who deleted the last comment...I saw a misspelling and it would have bugged me forever!

jasonandchrista said...

I love the pictures! I'm trying to get some more on my blog tonight, so check it later and see if I was successful.
Good day overall.
Love you!