Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm Dreaming of a Skype Christmas

Last night we hooked up to Skype, as did Doug and Danae in Chicago.

We all huddled around the computer in our bedroom, with much anticipation as we were about to celebrate Christmas with the Castles.

One by one, we sat in the seat of opening and each opened presents from the Castles.

Jim got an awesome Chicago mug with different Chicago landmarks etched in the side. It's gorgeous, although I am confused as to why there is a very small baseball player on the mug. I don't remember anything about any great Chicago baseball teams!

Emily was most excited about her non-planner.

It was the next best thing to being there. Okay, not really, the next best thing would be for them to be here. But it worked! Great idea 'Nae!


Shan said...

OH well isn't that fun! Technology makes these distance things a notch easier when it comes to communication for sure! I got a camera for my computer that I'm hoping to see Sara T. in Africa on very soon!! :D Merry Christmas Kim and family!!

AfricaBleu said...

That is great, Kim. I love it. See, this is why your "seven" are still "standing"--your close-knit family stays close-knit, even when you're far apart.

Awesome. Have a great Christmas, all of you.