Sunday, August 2, 2009


July 28 was my birthday, a significant one, and I photo-journaled the whole day!
Enjoy! I know I did!

I woke early to a well adorned kitchen, complete with streamers, balloons, and flowers!

I started out, taking Emily to work, and getting a wonderful vanilla latte!

I went to Camp Agape at 7:30am to register/check in campers. Jania (right) made me a birthday crown to wear, and wear it I did. Proudly!

I received a beautiful birthday bouquet from two of my favorite people: Doug and Danae!

Jim and I went to Peak Alignment, a class for spine strengthening.

Grace and I went bowling. I was pleased to break 100!

We then went to the Goodwill, can't remember what for. But as always, we found a few treasures.

We went to pick Emily up from work, and I was treated to this fabulous piece of blueberry pie, warm from the oven!

We went downtown for dinner.

Celebrated at home with a really hot cake!

I opened my gift from my children...a beautiful red Kitchen Aid.

I then called the girls to thank them for the delicious gift!
(Notice the beautiful new watch from Jim)

Then I went to bed, thoroughly relishing in a day well celebrated!


Shan said...

So loved you are! What a great day. Can you believe the years can go by this fast? I would have never guessed you were fifty! Is fifty the new thirty or forty I can't remember? Well, whichever it is, I'd still card ya! :D
Happy Birthday! And enjoy your new presents!xo

Bekah said...

What a great day! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Enjoy your Kitchen Aid, those things are AWESOME! :-)