Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bite of Bozeman

We've officially made it to our first repeat Bozeman event. That means we've been here over a year now. And I must tell you, our second Bite of Bozeman was by far, better than the first, for several reasons.

1. We actually knew what Bite of Bozeman is; to-go size portions of various offerings from dozens of Bozeman restaurants. They were all to-go sizes except for the super gross, two-foot-long hot dogs. Everytime time I walked by that grill, I had to turn my head. Please! Who needs that much processed meat on a bun?!

2. I don't remember what the weather was like last year, but I'm sure it was better tonight. 70 degrees is just about perfect for an August evening, wouldn't you say?

3. Last year we ran into one person we knew, Kenji. This year we ran into Kathy, John, Cyd, Aurene, Matt, Lisa, Andy, Shayna, Danielle, Nicole, Georgia, Anthony and his dad, Danelle, Eric, Anna, Abe, Nathan, Chris, Keaton, Grant, Tyler, Ryan, Iho, Derrick, Johanna, Briley, Danali, Corrie, Jonathan, and a couple other people we've met before and couldn't remember their names. (Sorry guys, but we just couldn't bare to ask your names again, since we just did last Thursday at Music on Main!)

4. The food was so much better this year. Or at least our sampling was better. I had a barbeque sundae for dinner. I'm not kidding! Barbecued brisket, baked beans, and cole slaw layered in a tall plastic cup. Simply stir, and love it! I will definitely be on the look out for this next year! Two hours later I was on the prowl for dessert, and found the perfect delight; a huckleberry bar a la mode! This was definitely a better food year!

This was definitely a better Bit of Bozeman year. Of course, the camera was nowhere to be found, so you'll just have to take my word for it!


Kristin said...

Hey, you missed the Bryants! And we missed you too. And would you also classify the turkey leg as "to-go size"? I guess you can easily walk around with it (as everyone was doing) but it just doesn't seem to fit in the same category as all the other snack size items!

Gary said...

Sounds fun.