Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mom's Taxi

7:15am Take Grace to Camp Agape
10:00am Pick Emily up from work
10:30am Take David to Dylan's
12:30pm Take letter to bank to notarize for Andrew
1:00pm Pick up David from Dylan's
2:00 pm Drop Andrew off at MSU
2:30pm Take David to Jacob's
3:00pm Wait for 45 minutes in MSU parking lot for Andrew
3:45pm Pick up Grace from Camp Agape
4:00pm Take Andrew to Rosauer's to mail package
5:00pm Park Taxi


Trish said...

I think you're giving me a run for my money as the "world's busiest mom!" Of course, I'll reclaim the title when school starts and I'm driving to the middle school twice a day...

Susan Beth said...

Next time you need a notary, I can do it on my way into Andy's office. Home service if you want.

AfricaBleu said...

Phew. We start school on Tuesday, and I've already been polishing my "On Duty" sign.