Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It CAN Happen to you.

Just sitting here reading blogs, when an explosion sounded. From my 'fridge. I thought someone may have put some hot boiled eggs in the 'fridge to cool down, and the cooling must have caused the exploding. But, there were no exploded eggs in the 'fridge. Thankfully. Instead I found an opened can of refrigerated biscuits, and not on the shelf where I put them. The explosive had a May 24 expiration date on the end of the can. Do I really have things in my 'fridge that are that old? Kind of creepy. And so was the explosion. And so is my heart rate. I'm going to go lay down. Sure hope nothing else explodes!


Gary said...

Don't leave a metal can of shaving cream in the shower, as we did. Foam shrapnel covered Will and the entire bathroom.

Bethany Keena said...

yikes! i'm glad you were safe!