Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thanks, but no thanks!

We have an upcoming women's retreat. I am in charge of the auction that raises money for our district project. So I have made an appeal to folks in the church to donate new or gently used items. I received a call from the church secretary that there was a pink basket at the church office with donations for the auction.

So yesterday I went to pick it up. This is what I found. The first thing I picked out of the basket was a racey novel with "Bozeman Public Library" stamped on the edges. Great, someone at church is contributing a STOLEN book! The image on the front was even more offensive...two lover's embracing passiontately! Oh, my! I thought "Well, maybe this is one of those Christan love stories." So I opened and started reading. It is not one of those "Christian love stories." Great, someone at church is reading trashy paperbacks!

The next thing I pulled out of the basket was this beautifully framed photo of THE POPE! Great, someone at church idolized the Pope!

Next, a coffee mug. I'm pretty sure this is somewhat offensive right? Unless the donor not only reads trashy paperbacks, but is also a Twilight fan!

The strangeness continued with this pink octopus aquarium ornament.

At this point, I started to wonder if this was a joke. And then I remembered my dear Prankster Friend! As I pilfired through the rest of the basket, I tried to chuckle at each obsurdity; an Elvis Christmas cassette, a half-burned candle, some floppy red-striped earrings, and a gaudy metal fairy princess!

Later yesterday I ran into said Prankster Friend, and she fessed up! I was relieved to know that her pink basket finds were the result of her and her daughter taking a trip to the Thrift Store. And I was relieved to know that we have no Pope loving-trashy novel reading-bad taste in earrings wearing woman! Whew!
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Bekah said...

Ha-ha! I can just see you standing over the basket with that perplexed look on your face! :-)

Bethany Keena said...

so funny! so glad they are keeping you entertained!