Saturday, May 21, 2011

Moving Slow

It's a rainy Saturday morning, and I'm doing my favorite thing I like to do on Saturday mornings; moving slow.  I got to spend time with Jim before he rushed off to his Saturday morning. 
We laid in bed. 
I listened to the rain. 
We talked about sons. 
We planned how much room I would have to send gifts to Oklahoma in his back pack.

He left for work, only after discovering our iron decided to up and quit.

I got a ladder and razor blade to scrape the contact paper off our arch window, but that awesome man of mine had secured the blind properly to the window sill so I couldn't get to the contact paper.  That's ok though, as long as the blind is properly secured, I will never see that ugalee contact paper again.

I am checking all-things-web-important-to-me and will shortly wake Grace to go to two Rummage Sales.  In the rain. 

Moving slow...a perfect Saturday morning.

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