Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Week in Photos

Dave had his last track meet on Friday.  He is the one on the outside lane, in front.  I took this photo because I love the view of the Bridgers from the stands. 

 There were three weddings this weekend with EFree families.  
We attended this one, Josh and Lindsay.
Both of their fathers took part in the ceremony.

Although you can't really see it in this photo, her colors were plum and gold. 

Lainey (from Silver Springs, MD), Peggy (one of my hiking buddies) and I enjoying some wedding fare.

Jim and Raegan.  She loved the dill pickles I fed her!  A girl after my own heart.

Off to the honeymoon, somewhere outdoors, no doubt!
The most beautiful bridesmaid, and Grace's BFF, Cammie.
And then there was a photo session....

...taking full advantage of our white-primed walls...
...and showing off new haircuts.  They are each missing 8" of hair...

This is my favorite!


Anonymous said...

ooooo! so cute! i love love your blog. i read it like every day.
your my favorite too!

Anonymous said...

who were the other two that got married??