Thursday, May 5, 2011

Retreat Eve

28 Morning Prayers printed, stamped, rolled, and tied.
1 music stand, borrowed
23 Name Tags, printed and placed in holders
1 easel, collapsed and in trunk
9 Prayer Stations printed, displayed and collected
25 folders, stuffed
1 tool box, equipped 
25 verse-a-day crafts, ready for assembly
10 candle holders, wrapped in ribbon
1 contemplative prayer verse, pieced together from newspaper fonts
9 community photos, taken, printed, and posted
1 craft tote, filled 
25 toiletry gift bags, assembled
20 retreat fees, collected and deposited
1 PowerPoint presentation, created
30 plates and 50 napkins, ready for snacking
Candlelight Dinner table decorations, packed
1 pair of mud boots, found

Ready to go!

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