Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ginko BiWhat?

This morning we were eating breakfast in the kitchen, Grace, David and I.  We were chit chatting when all of a sudden the dishwasher mysteriously started on it's own.  I jumped to turn it off, then said "What was I saying?"  Grace and David both smiled sheepishly and denied knowing what I had said.

Me:  "I think it was something important".
G&D in unison:  "NO, it wasn't important!"
Me:  "Oh, so you remember what I said."
G&D:  (Grin)
Me:  "Please tell me."
D:  "No, Mom, it wasn't important."
Me:  (With genuine sadness) "Ok, I just wish I knew what it was."
G:  "You asked "Who opened the cookies?"
Me:  :) 

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