Saturday, March 17, 2012

Going Green?

 Even though I married an Irishman, our St. Patrick's day celebrations have never been the traditional kind.

I have never made corn beef and cabbage.
Yesterday I thought I might try it.
But the general consensus was that it isn't that good.
So, no corn beef and cabbage.

But I did serve this with dinner.... wine glasses.

 And this as a side...

...with very Irish-like potatoes for the main course.

I especially enjoyed seeing this Facebook post.... 

A special Happy St. Patrick's to those who have traveled together to that wonderful Isle! What an incredible memory! Laura Meixner, Kim Dunaway Johnson, Kim Arnold Keena, Kristen Clyde Smith, Heather Stevenson, Scott Molly Johnson, William Mindi Stevenson, Colin Truesdale, Jorge Forero, Aaron Tucker and so many more!
Incredible memories indeed, of  tasting the real Ireland. 

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