Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chicago On My Mind

Next Monday I leave for Chicago, err, uh, Indiana.  The annual Nana and the Aunts Trip will be without Nana this year, as she has decided not to come.  Boo, Nana!  Guess it serves me right, though, since I went to Turkey last year instead of to Kentland.  We'll all arrive in Chi-town on Monday morning and I'm trying to propose a plan that will involve staying in the city to have dinner with Bethany!  I know all the Aunts really want to see her, nearly as much as I do!  Then we'll jet off to Kentland (probably in a Suburban, not a real jet!) for the week.  Who knows what delights awaits us for those next four days, but I do know it will be wonderful because it's really the only time I get to see family.  The week will be topped off with my weekend with Bethany.  Can it get here soon enough?!

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Leah said...

No it can't possibly. Did you see my post about Atlanta? Though I did not share all the details, it was actually fairly spur-of-the-moment and filled with fun and joy! You may never know how much your example of energetically loving on your family has been infectious! It is a "disease" I am most grateful to have caught! God bless you today in some special way for "pointing the way" by example.