Sunday, April 8, 2012

Resurrection Weekend in Photos

 Our early Saturday stop, Bozeman's award winning French chocolatier.  Em and I shared a hot cocoa, that tasted like warm, melted chocolate.  Oh.  My.  And I may have bought some special chocolates for a special someone in Chicago.

 One of our visitors at church this morning.

 Our centerpiece at lunch.  
The French Hen is real chocolate from La Chatelaine.

 Lunch preparation and our new corner cafe table.  Thanks, Weebees!

 The Easter Basket Hunt "GO!"

 Daddy Jonathan helped Luci find her basket and the treats inside.

 "The" Easter photo.  I love DK's hand around Andrew!

 "The" Easter photo sans slippers.

Here a napper....

 ...there a napper...

 ...everywhere a napper...


What a wonderful day!

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KillerB said...

Wow, is that SNOW on the ground!? Brrrr!!

Happy Easter :)