Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

My Labor Day Weekend started on Thursday night, helping my Big Sky Bakery friends sell Bobcat Claws at the first ever MSU game under the lights.  First night game for the Bobcats had me under the bleachers with chocolate. 

 David and Jim had tickets to watch the game.  Bobcats win!

 Saturday found me sorting socks.  These are the unmatched ones.  Where do they go?

Sunday Jim and I had a little overnighter in Helena.  We sure got a room with a view!
 And the full view...but really, what else is there to see in Helena?!

Our hotel room curiously had a phone in the bathroom.
This should have been listed as an amenity...I guess.

Mural in downtown Helena.

 Lunch at The Staggering Ox, which was featured in the September issue of Food Network's magazine that featured one sandwich from each state.  The Ox was Montana's rep!

We couldn't resist another trip to the Gates of the Mountains for a 2-hour boat ride on the Missouri River.

 On our way back to Bozeman, we drove through Boulder, MT and stopped at the Boulder Hot Springs.  Built in 1890 it has seen better days, but I was intrigued by the 53 rocking chairs that were scattered about the enormous front porch.

It was a fabulous weekend! 

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Susan Beth said...

The socks in our house go to a place called "The Hosezone" Maybe we should get our piles of socks left behind together and see if we can make any matches.