Sunday, September 30, 2012

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time (a year and a half ago) we invited the new youth leaders, Jonathan and Jessie, over for Easter lunch.  And let's just say we hit it off.  We liked them.  And for some reason, they seemed to like us.   They quickly became part of everything Keena.

Grace invited them to prom photos.

Jonathan taught us how to make sushi, and do cool cup tricks.

 We went to Frank and Melissa's wedding.
They came the next Easter, with their own little Luci Bunny!

They took Sunday naps on our couch.

We celebrated birthdays.

 We met their families.

 They photo bombed our pics.

Their blessing became our blessing.

We cheered on different teams.

They loved our kiddos well. 
(Insert a million photos here!)

And to me, that's why I'll miss them most.
Yesterday they drove their U-Haul to Wisconsin.
Where I'm confident they will live happily ever after.

We love you, Griders!

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