Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Report #4: To Ski or Not to Ski

They say you should really find something to do during these long Montana winters. Last winter we were just too busy acclimating to trek up the mountain. Well, I guess we're not too busy this winter. At least some of us.

Emily went with Jim for a Ski In Three package. Three lessons. Three rentals. Three lift tickets. For a darn good price. I guess they think you'll get you hooked. Emily liked it fine, but didn't seem oh! so crazy about it. She still has two more lessons to go, so maybe she will fall in love.

Doug too David one day to Bridger. Doug snowboarded and David skied. David definitely loves it!

And look at that view!

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Bethany Keena said...

cute emily! she looks good, so tell her, keep it up! :)