Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sheetrock Saturday, on the Inside

 While the men were busy sheetrocking, the rest of us were plenty busy inside.
Doing laundry.
Cleaning bathrooms.

I made five beautiful loaves of bread and some burger buns.

These loaves were more beautiful before I took them out of their pans.

These were fabulous after the pans.  Thank you Pampered Chef bakers!
The bread was sent home with the sheetrockers as a "Thank You".
("So you're saying that guys came and spent a day at your house working hard, and you paid them in bread?")
It's really good bread.  Trust me.

See the mess it made?  Seriously good, mess-making, delicious bread!

This is Maddy and her brother, Chase.
Their dad knows sheetrock.
They get to play with me when their dad is helping our addition.
There is no bleeding lip in this photo.  Chase thought it would be fun to write on his face with a marker.  
This is what I drink a few hours into it to keep up with these cuties!
Maddy drew a picture of her dad. She did not write on her face.

Chase took a two-hour nap.

Dave came in for a bit of a break.  See, he was at a sleepover last night, but they forgot to actually sleep.  So he basically pulled an all-nighter, then came home to an all-dayer.

Emily was around to help with the entertainment.  She looks much more enthralled with this scene from Monsters, Inc than Maddy does.

And in the midst of all this, Grace had a Geometry tutor stop by (with her cute-as-a-bug's ear baby) to help her get caught up with the seven (7!) days of Geometry she missed while being deathly ill this past week.

My kitchen survived the day: one pan of gingerbread, five loaves of homemade bread, lunch for the workers, sloppy joes made for Sunday lunch, countless sippy cup refills, finger snacks galore, and one dinner of Gourmet Baked Potatoes (I sprinkled Kosher Salt on them).

And these two survived of day of sheetrocking.  Although you must know they both fell asleep after eating said Gourmet Baked Potatoes. 
It was a great, thoroughly exhausting day.  At one point I stopped and looked at Emily and said "Hey, I can still multitask!"  That brought a smile, and I would like to tell you that at the end of the day I collapsed in my easy chair with a satisfied sense of accomplishment.  But that Via is still running wicked through my energized veins, so I need to go do another load of laundry, or something!

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Oh that looks like yummy bread!