Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Lately I've needed it for doing taxes (read "finding every last receipt!"), chatting with the school principal (read "complaining"), walking/riding for an hour of aerobic activity (read "my knees are burning!"), confronting someone (read "I hate confrontation!"), diligently continuing a study I've committed to (read "I'd rather take a nap!") and overcoming a little rejection (read "I'm such a baby!").

Strength.  Glad it's written on my right hand.  (Read "Well, it's written on my ring on my right hand!")


Trish said...

You're awesome!

Susan Beth said...

Such a cool word for this time in your life!

And by the way, who could reject you? Com' on rejecting person, get some brains (read: only stupid people would reject Kim! - by the way, I hope the rejection isn't coming from a family member, because I don't want to be insulting any of them!) Better stop commenting before I dig myself into some horrible hole here!

Jim said...

You are so strong, yet cute! I love being your husband.