Friday, February 11, 2011

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner Part 2

After dropping David off at school today, I again was listening to Dean and Dave, and was delighted when I heard one of them say "Today we have a prize for our Trivia Question winner."  Yep, I grabbed my phone.  A real prize?  You betcha I was going to play.

The question:  In the 1940's children had an average of 11 of these.  Today they have 3.  What is it?

I dialed, I pushed CALL, and I was the first caller with the first guess.  I got it!

What do you think it is?


Jim Keena said...

I know the answer and live with the winner!

Trish said...

Roger says books. Katie says brain cells. I have no idea... Do tell :-)

Bekah said...

We are all stumped. Tell us the answer, please!! :-)

Bethany Keena said...


Gary said...

Are you the only one who listens to this radio show?