Sunday, June 3, 2012


After yard sales on Saturday, Em and I went to a Farm Auction.  I didn't need a farm, but I was a good sport and played along.

 Apparently a lot of people attend Farm Auctions.  Not sure why, most of them already have farms.

 Red things always catch my attention!

 Boy, if I could have figured out a way to get this to New Life Ranch, I would have so bid on this party barge-bus-trailer thingy.  I'm sure they've been looking all over for one of these!

 Emily wondered why this man was wearing a hard-hat at an auction.  The sky was definitely NOT falling.

I realize the tops of these children's heads seems to be the focus of this photo but it is actually the butter-churner that went for $40 to Emily's friend's sister.  These are her children's heads.

 My hard-and-fast rule about attending auctions is I have to bid on something.  I bid on and won this plant stand for $2.50.  The auctioneer thanked me for bidding.  I guess farmers don't need plant stands from Ross with the price tag still on the bottom that say $14.99.  I got so caught up in the excitement of bidding low and winning, that I also won a box of pottery for $5.00.  Please don't tell the Lockies

 Emily and I wore flip-flops to the auction.  We didn't know it would be held in a horse pasture.  But Sarah, Emily's farmer-friend, knew it and came in boots, cut-offs, up-do and all.  Love you Sarah!

There were guns.  Lots of guns.

Fun morning at the auction with Emily and her farmer-friends.

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D.R.C + D.E.C said...

What?!? A box of pottery for $5.00. You so lucky!