Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer, So Far

Thursday; Grace leave for Hawaii
Saturday; Secretly sell our charcoal grill, and get caught
Sunday Morning; Speak to 3-6 grade Sunday School Class
Sunday; Host 3 students for Father's Day lunch
Tuesday; Host 70 ladies for Women's Ministries event
Thursday-Friday; Host 4 friends from Long Grove, IL
Friday; Andrew leave for San Fransico
Friday-Sunday; Watch David play at MSU team camp
Saturday; Breakfast and Farmer's Market with Emily
Monday; Andrew and Grace both home from travels
Tuesday; David leave for Gonzaga Basketball Camp
Thursday; Jim and I leave for Oklahoma
Friday; David to Hoopfest in Spokane, Grace to New Orleans
Saturday; BBQ at the Clark's with Bethany and Jeff
Sunday; Jim and I to NLR, and dinner with the Youmans
Monday; David to Oklahoma, Jim to Springfield to pick up G-ma, then all of us to Eureka Springs
Tuesday; Pick up David from Tulsa
Wednesday; Family Camp!

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