Saturday, June 2, 2012

River Rock Yard Sales Rock!

I got a text from Em at 7:00 this morning asking if I wanted to go to yard sales.  My plans of scrubbing bathrooms, starting  my Esther study and baking all went flying out the window.  She picked me up within 15 minutes, and off we went.  To Belgrade. ALL the way to Belgrade, to River Rock which is a hugely large subdivision with no parallel streets, nor rhyme nor reason to the way they are laid out.  But we followed the signs.  I must say I was impressed with the yard sale prices in River Rock.  It was like people really wanted to get rid of things.  So much in fact, that nearly every sale we stopped at had a FREE box (or three) from which Em and I gathered a plethora of delightful goodies including a volleyball, artist brushes, oil paints, and these....
 All of this came from the same house.  And the bags o'stuff had me wondering if there wasn't a treasure or two hiding in there somewhere.  

 These are the treasures from Bag #1.  The barrettes are beautiful and worth every penny.  The glass was holding Q-tips which I promptly threw away because A) they came from someone else's house, and B) everyone knows you should never use them in your ears.  The contact case is in this photo to remind me to tell you there there were actually contacts still in the case.  But when I put them in, they weren't my prescription.  Bummer.  Bummer that I am such a liar, I did not put them in my eyes.

These are the treasures from Bag #2.  I really can't see me ever using these, even in a pinch.

Our other not-free finds included a pair of cowboy boots for me (.50), one hoodie (.50), a new shower curtain and rings (1.00), a mantle clock (1.00), new bed set for the Master Bed (8.00), two Scentsy bricks with only a couple of cubes missing (5.00), one Cabelas blue fuzzy vest that I bought because I was cold (.50), one night shirt (.25), one book for Henry (.50), one shirt (.25), two mini babies for Bailey (.25), four new travel bottles (.25),  one Pampered Chef kids cookbook for Bailey and Caden, Brainy Baby Picture Cards for someone, jacket for David (3.00), a glass body powder dish with lid (1.00), red plate (.25) and a pair of Clark sandals (3.00).  

All in all a great yard sale day!

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