Thursday, August 28, 2008


David's appointment with the urologist is at 1:30 tomorrow. I told David about it, and trying to get out of going, he assured me "it's okay". I told him "Since you haven't been to medical school yet, we'll let the doctor decide".


Suzanne said...

Praying that the appointment goes well today and for wisdom for the Dr and peace for you all.

Melissa Flaming said...

You are probably at the Dr. right now. I pray that God will ease David's heart, and that this bump will be of no concern!
Comment on school uniforms: Yes, my kids are in a public school with uniforms. It's a year-round charter school, but many of the schools at least have a "School Wear" policy which includes 5 colors of polos and pants they are allowed to wear. It has seemed to help tremendously with gang problems, behavior, and learning atmosphere. I'm TOTALLY for it when it comes to the whole morning routine...especially with 3 very fashion-conscious kids! Now Jacob just complains about what STYLE of khaki pants he HAS to have. Brother!