Saturday, August 9, 2008

Good News

"Mom, I haven't been coughing." These words might only seem sweet to a mother that has endured her daughter's cough for, oh say, ten years! Claritin, albuterol, delsym, plastic-wrapping on mattresses, air-fliter machines, family practitioners, pediatricians, pulmonologists have all tried to stop Grace's coughing. All to no avail! The nightly cough would sneak up on her after she went to bed, usually bothering everyone in the house, except Grace. She could sleep through it like a champ! The rest of us were left smothering ourselves in our pillows or turning on fans and white-noise machines to drown it out. A Spring Break trip to Mexico with her best friend nearly found her an orphan as the family drew straws to decide whether they should let Grace stay! Her coughing had kept them up, too!

Indeed "Mom I haven't been coughing" ARE sweet words. Looks like we only needed to move to Montana to hear them!


Gary said...

That's good news!

Melissa Flaming said...

Wow. That's great news. Mountains and elevations have a way of curing a plethora of ailments. :)

Shan said...

That must surely be the biggest G.N. since you've arrived. Wow! :)